Never breaks.A Lightning cable for iPhone X 8 whose end tip never breaks

After a professional testing of some cables,our USB cables can stand a considerable pressure of over 20kg ,which is much greater than that of common cables in the market,which can only absorb a shear force of less than 7kg.

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    Please be advised that my cable is no longer working. Your warranty expressly advises that they will work for a minimum of 1 year. One of these cords no longer works. Please send me a replacement and advise how you wish me to return the dysfunctional cord. Amazon has advised me to contact your company directly for the replacement. Thank you for your assistance.
    How am I to contact the company for a replacement?
    Order confirmation information is below I will send invoice and address
    Search Orders ORDER PLACED
    December 11, 2018
    SHIP TO Lisa [xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
    ORDER # 701-8232076-0113035
    End Tip Unbreakable Cruel 4A Heavy Duty [3 pack 6ft], Agvee Metal Shell, Braided Durable Fast Charging Cable Charger Cord for iPhone X 8 7 6s 6 Plus 5 Case Friendly Gray Black
    Sold by: Agvee

    Lisa11个月前 (09-19)回复