To install an iPhone tempered glass screen protector even with my eyes covered is well-done!

How to perfectly install an iPhone screen protector with a creative tool?

Step 1: keep the side with a label upwards and put the glass film into the red tool at the right place before you press black soft blocks.

Step 2: Double check to make sure that it’s perfectly aligned around the home button and the front camera.

Step 3: Clean the iPhone screen with the provided alcohol prep pad, the micro cloth and the dust removal sticker in turn.

Step 4: Peel the plastic mask off the screen protector before you reverse the tool at once. Do not touch the sticking side.

Step 5: Press the glass film from its center to four sides after you cover the red tool on your iPhone screen.

As you can see from the video,It’s really a foolproof way to install and we finished the last step with eyes covered.

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